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Leadership Award 2015

Leadership Award 2015 tender
Product development category special award winner


3D Tire Scanner

The 3D Tire Scanner is a non-destructive solution optimized for the quality control of tires. This equipment produces virtual pictures, with the combination of X-ray and CT recordings, of the tire slices like the traditional method but without actual cutting the tires. So the possible cost reduction from using this equipment can be €9,000,000 annually.




Parts of the 3D Tire Scanner are a shielded cabin, tire holder and mover parts, an radiation source, a detector, the image processing system, a main control-, and an operator panel.




First the tire is placed into the scanner and X-ray images are taken from two angles (from 45° then from 135° in perpendicular position) while the tire moves around. This process results in a 2D image of the whole tire with recognizable potential deficiencies. The next step is to scan these critical areas with Computer Tomography (CT).  The distance of each slices recorded by CT can be between 0.1 and 0.5 mm (normally 0.2 mm). The maximum distance between the first and last slice can be 50 mm. After this comes the 3D reconstruction from these recordings of slices. On the 3D reconstruction it is easy to detect deficiencies plus the software automatically detects bubbles and marks them with red. During all the process the cabin is closed because of radiation so the process is followed through video cam.



  • Size: 2430 x 2030 x 3320 m
  • Lead cabin’s thickness 10 mm + 35 mm,
  • Source: 320 kV
  • 600 mm vertical examination interval
  • Tire holder rotates within 180° range



  • Automatic air blister detection
  • Sharper pictures with line detector compared to panel detector
  • Environmental and cost friendly process.
  • No radiation thanks to the lead shielded cabin.


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For more information, contact:

Benedek Szajbély

Business Development Manager